Why Do Women Check Their Behinds In The Mirror?

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Disclaimer: If you take life too seriously, please do not read any further. 

Have you noticed that most women stand on their toes, turn halfway and stare at their tushies in a mirror whenever they try on a new outfit?

I’ve never seen a man do that. It will be totally weird for a guy to check his behind in the mirror though. Well, I should say I’ve not seen a man do that but it does not mean “some” men do not.

After checking their tush, some face the mirror and adjust their untouchables. If I had a dime for every time I have seen women go through these motions, I will be very rich by now.

I was once on a date and I happened to be seated right behind a mirror with my date facing me. Getting her to pay attention to me was very difficult so I eventually threw in the towel. You can’t compete with a mirror in this situation and win.

So why do most women check out their behinds in a mirror before they step out?  I have asked and most of the responses from my female friends sound something like this;  “I just want to make sure I look good and sexy for myself” or “I am checking to make sure the dress fits right.” Yeah, right!!

While these responses may be true in some cases, I will argue that some, if not most women, check because they know men will definitely gaze and admire their back side glory.

Some check to ensure that there is a clear runway to maximize the view. Some are on a mission to mesmerize some innocent poor souls out there.

So, fellas, my message is simple; we are totally screwed!

Do you want to know why we are screwed?  Most of us are totally defenseless because God did not design men to shut off our spontaneous biological responses to a luscious tush.

Speaking for myself, I know my only defense mechanism is my legs.  My man in the oven is in a frisky state and my brain is in a frenzy.  If my legs also betray me and walk over,  I am screwed.

Whether we want to or not, most men cannot stop looking at tushies.  The male sexuality is just designed to work that way. I am not sure how you can stop men from doing something they can’t stop doing.

The scary part is, most women know we can’t stop looking and they wield the power of the tush like dictators.

So I have to ask; what if God messed up when he created humans?

I wonder whether humans are biologically designed to mate for life or if monogamy is just a cruel joke that someone, perhaps God, took too far.

What if God designed humans such that, every time you enter into a relationship or marriage, your ability to be attracted to others automatically shuts off?

What if God designed humans such that, a married man can only penetrate his wife and vice versa. What kind of a world will that be?

We will definitely not need marriage counselors, divorce lawyers, Steve Harvey,  Dr. Phil and I am sure 80% of church pastors will have less work on their hands.

Nope, we are not that lucky. In His infinite wisdom, God gave us free will. I am not complaining about free will or questioning God.  I am simply saying, “what if?”

If St. Peter were to allow me through the pearly gates of Heaven, the first action I will take is to lodge a complaint against the Almighty.  I doubt if St. Peter will allow me through the gates with all my baggage but hey, you never know.

In my mind, our natural ability to spontaneously react to a delectable tush is a fundamental flaw in how the Almighty designed men.

So before I make it to the complaints department in heaven, I have to throw out a few words of caution to my brothers on how to cope with this situation and behave.

Some women do not mind you admiring them but do not slide into the creepy zone and just stare. To stare at a woman, regardless of how she looks or what she is wearing is actually quite rude.

Practice these 3 steps when an irresistible tush crosses your path; look at it for two seconds (count if you have to), store the image in your coconut, listen to your legs and walk away.

How about a short practice?  Try staring at the lovely ladies in my feature picture for 2 seconds only.  How did you do?

If you failed,  I’m sorry but you are totally screwed!


By Kwadjo Panyin


Author: Kwadjo Panyin

Kwadjo Panyin is a Ghanaian born relationship and lifestyle blogger located in Los Angeles, California. He holds three degrees; a Bachelors degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey, an MBA from Franklin University in Ohio and a Masters of Science degree from Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky. Kwadjo is a business professional who blogs for fun. His articles are about the challenges of dating and relationship anomalies. Writing, blogging, world travel, and photography are his favorite hobbies.


  1. Because they know that’s where the attractions to their body is

  2. Maybe they hv dual faces…in front nd at the back.

  3. Because no guys have ever tell them how it looks…. That’s the main reason

  4. I am always scared that ut might be too tight. Brought up that way

  5. To see if it is growing

  6. Isaac Amo says:

    The last but two paragraphs though…….. Anyway the building ahead of them is tall oo…… Is that the empire state… Lol…..

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  8. And the cleavage is another aspect that’s rushing the blood downstairs..

  9. Peter Achie says:

    Lol look only two seconds and walk away ooo.haha

  10. You check your behind to get the overall look not necessarily to see if you are ‘printing’ because we all know there’s a fix for that on the day you have to actually were the outfit.
    Some have to check because they know certain outfits do not do justice to their butts especially pants/trousers.
    You stand on your toes to see how you would look in high heels with the outfit. Standing on your toes actually brings the chest out and tucks the tummy in so in all you are just feeling yourself in the outfit . Or whether you have to fast on the day you have to wear that outfit .
    I don’t think men have any of these concerns lol.
    #why take life so seriously .

  11. Mhiz Benny says:

    A times I check to see if my panty line s showing….. And a times I check to see how flat it is……

  12. Had I been a woman, I would have had the exact answer D’Angelo Ofori-Amankwah

  13. I will comment right after Barbara Danso-Boahene or Pretti Emma Jonson or Serwaa Frimps-Broni.


  15. Well mostly we are checking to see if anyone can see the panty line in the dress

  16. Am sorry there are 5 tushies in the pix,So 10secs is the minimum I can do. That 2 secs is too hard to stick to!

  17. Uche Maxwell says:

    I can assure you some half men do.
    Take bobriski & alimi for instance ..

  18. U nor hear wen flavour sing say d beauty of a woman dey 4 her backside

  19. That’s your selling point, keep flaunting it

  20. Everyone takes glory in her ass

  21. That’s one of our selling points.
    We got to take care of it and check when it’s loosing it’s power

  22. Irene Jojo says:

    Simply checking if it is properly packaged

  23. Nii Croffie says:

    You can be monogamous if you are a trusting person. A faith-full person automatically switches off when the person is not his/her partner. It is a well-documented phenomenon.

  24. xiaodogbe says:

    The tush-addict’s dilemma huh!

  25. Yem Ajaasuma says:

    The last bit tho. 3seconds p3. They cant oooo. Some will look aaahhh till they fall into a gutter.ghananain men things

  26. Lol
    I also love to read your articles
    Its a stress-reliever

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