The African Bachelor

Okay, here we go…

Here’s the deal, a friend asked me if I planned to stay a bachelor for life when I told him about starting this blog.

My answer, HELL NO!

I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dating in my teens, 20’s, 30’s and now, my 40’s! I have been married and divorced. I have a lovely daughter who is the reason I get off my ass every morning.

You have to understand that as an African living in the United States, dating and the search for a partner takes on a whole new meaning. The challenges dating in a foreign country is enough to make me want to start selling “THE STRUGGLE IS REAL” t-shirts in downtown Los Angeles.

Sometimes I can’t decide if my life as a bachelor is something to laugh about or an experience to cry about. I have failed over and over again at this thing called ‘relationship.” I still can’t figure it out. I am constantly researching, constantly looking for answers; the key to the mystery of what makes a relationship work. I have chosen to laugh about my bachelor life and share my experiences by reflecting on my moments of joy, the challenges I have faced, the frustrations and the “aha” moments in my life.