The Most Gorgeous Women I Saw In Accra Were Dating White Men – An Observation

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June 14, 2017
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June 21, 2017

First off, I want to get a disclaimer out of the way before I get into it. I am not against interracial relationships or anyone having a particular preference when it comes to dating and marriage.

It was a Friday night in Accra and I needed a break from the one on one dates I was having with ladies that week. I needed to hang with the herd and have a good old fashion bros night out. My buddy Kwaku came through as always. He knew the hot spots and he had the right itinerary for the night. He picked me up at my house and we hit Kona Grill at Osu first. Kwaku knew the owner and the place was cool so I was game. We were joined by two other dudes and before long, we had a pack of hyenas ready to take down Accra.  From Kona, we went straight to The Republic Bar also located in Osu. Impressed is an understatement as the joint was humming that evening. The drinks were on point, the crowd was mellow and everywhere I looked, there were foreigners as far as the eye could see. Space was at a premium but we managed to secure a wooden barrel as a table and we perched near the entrance of the bar. Perfect location to observe all the hot barbies at the bar, I said to myself.

With my friend and actress Sitsofe Tsikor @ The Republic Bar in Osu

A taxi pulled up and I just happened to look up as she was stepping out. Wow, what a lady! I mean, she was absolutely breathtaking! She was tall, moderately skinny, big bright eyes and she wore a red dress which hugged her body like a latex glove. Now I am beginning to get excited but my joy was short-lived. She walked passed us and planted herself right next to another gorgeous lady sitting with two white men. I was suddenly hit with an observation I had been stewing on since I started hanging out in Accra at some of the exclusive places that week.

 Almost all of the hot Ghanaian women I saw in Accra were hanging with foreigners from a romantic standpoint.

I simply could not resist writing about this topic. Trust me, I tried my best not to but I had no choice but to blurt it out. I hate to be one of those Ghanaians living abroad who complains about the traffic, the heat, the customer service and everything else in-between.  A conversation I had with a gorgeous Ghanaian woman I was romantically interested in at some point propelled me to grab my laptop and write about this subject. She informed me that she really wanted to be at my relationship mixer in Accra but she was only interested in white men. What the French?! “Oh!” I said to her, “That explains why you paid little to no attention to me when I tried chatting with you.”

Let’s be honest; there are a lot of distinctly average-looking foreign guys living in Ghana dating jaw-dropping beautiful Ghanaian girls. I honestly do not want to know the reasons why.

The lady in red knew one of the guys I was hanging out with so she came over to say hello. I could not bear looking at her the whole time she was at our table. I believe I was a little pissed at the situation and deep down, I have to admit that I was also a tad jealous.

After she left our table, I decided to look around and conduct a social experiment on the interracial dating scene at the Republic Bar. I observed and counted at least twelve other gorgeous Ghanaian women getting quite cozy with foreign men. There were quite a number of young foreign women also at the bar so I decided to include them in my experiment. I wanted to observe how many foreign ladies were hanging out with Ghanaian men from a romantic standpoint. I observed one Ghanaian dude with a white lady who was obviously intoxicated and rubbing her behind all over him. Sad to say he was the only Ghanaian guy I saw hanging out with the foreign ladies at the bar that night.

With my friend and actress Sitsofe Tsikor @ The Republic Bar in Osu

Despite the continually increasing number of foreign residents in Accra, foreigners still make up an incredibly small portion of the country’s population. As a result, foreigners, especially the ones dating Ghanaians stick out. Foreigners have needs and they would want to connect with people so it’s not unnatural for them to secure romantic relationship. I do not see anything wrong with a relationship between a Ghanaian woman and a foreigner.  My only heartburn lies in the fact that almost all the jaw-dropping Ghanaian women I met in Accra were dating white men.

A common conception is this: The appeal of some Ghanaian women for foreign men largely lies in economic needs. It is easy to condemn these women as materialistic social climbers.  I happen to think that the reasons some Ghanaian women prefer to date foreigners extend beyond the perceived social and economic status or physical attraction. Some of these women actually believe that a foreigner will treat them better or take better care of them. Then again, who are we to judge. I am just making an observation.


By Kwadjo Panyin

Author: Kwadjo Panyin

Kwadjo Panyin is a Ghanaian born relationship and lifestyle blogger located in Los Angeles, California. He holds three degrees; a Bachelors degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey, an MBA from Franklin University in Ohio and a Masters of Science degree from Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky. Kwadjo is a business professional who blogs for fun. His articles are about the challenges of dating and relationship anomalies. Writing, blogging, world travel, and photography are his favorite hobbies.


  1. ironhorse (white guy from US) says:

    After reading this post along with all of the replies as well. I thought that I would throw may comments in as everyone else has. I am white,from the states, your typical blue eyed tall gentleman that has respect for all races. As my first grand child being born of ethnic derversity and I accept my son in law as my own son. (Yes he is of African decent) First off, to the author of this blog, I must say that your comments of making fun of yourself is certainly seen in the lines you have written along with your jealousy comments to. And to some of the persons commenting I can since a little hostility in the replies. I have recently found myself in a relationship with a women from Ghana. She is a single mom, wishing to peruse a more serious path of marraige. And wether you are black or white,red yellow or even green. I hold the utmost respect for any single mother who is raising her kids on her own. And yes, there will be marriage and I plan on making her daughter feel welcome as If she is my own. Her daughter will be given all of the very same opportunities that my own children had (who are white) college, and a very supportive father figure in her life. I’m am very curious to the comments I will receive for that. Apparently the Ghaianian father didn’t want to stand behind his own actions. But any real man would take on the responsibility. She is a package deal. I’m sure their are people on her that would say my Ghainian queen is lucky or hit the lottery. But honestly, I am the lucky one here. Yes she is beautiful by any standards , but that’s not what attracted me to her. It was her self respect, her strength as a mother, and her faith. Having devorsed for many years from a racist white wife. I am very proud of the future wife I will have soon. As one of the people who replied on here. It’s a choice, but I will say this. I feel blessed for the choice I made.

  2. Oh the sheer irony in this article considering that it comes from “The Musings of an African BACHELOR”

  3. Mq Tontoh says:

    Money dey talk. Love is for the poor.

  4. I have an issue with the generalisations and the description and assumptions about “white men” rather than their nationality. There are many “white men” that would define themselves as Ghanaian and have been born and raised here.Just as a Ghanaian might identify as American. Another thing is your social experiments is really only based on one night out at Republic, where I have been several times and seen many ‘White women” with Ghanaian guys. I think when writing an article like this you do need to be conscious of the stereotypes etc that you are projecting…particulaly about Ghanaian women and “white men”

    • Hello, thanks for your comments and I appreciate the feedback. As I have stated in other comments, I am always willing to be wrong and the article should have had more descriptive disclaimers. My blog is a personal one and this article was not meant to generalize my observation. My avid readers are used to me poking fun at myself in situations like these. I still need to be cognizance of the fact that new readers may not see things that way. The social experiment as you rightly stated is based on one evening and it’s not scientific by any means. Again, I should present this article better to portray the fact that women I personally find attractive were mostly with non Ghanaians within a period of time per my observation. Thanks for your comments again and take care Frances Naa Koshii Quarcoopome

  5. Nèr Téley says:

    O yes, how right u r, n I’ve come to understand y buh I dare not say. This truth will hurt 🙂

  6. Yawa Tsagli McDonnell I reserve my comments

  7. Dude….just be honest – you were jealous. I mean…It pissed the hell outta you
    And to put things in perspective. …For every gorgeous Ghanaian woman you see with a white man, there are five with Ghanaian men.
    Does that make you feel better?

  8. Probably because they treat the women better, they are not stressed ,over worked, emotionally abused like how some of them are treated. I’m sure these foreigners give them respect n don’t disrespect them

    • The Truth says:

      Your comment is completely ignorant there are so many cases of white men mistreating black women but you self hating bed wenches will only talk about black men you race traitors you hate yourselves so much the only men in this world who truly value black women are black men oookk. Caucasians have been our enemies since day 1 nobody likes black people when will blacks stop being stupid and realize this black people who wanna procreate with their enemy and have children who don’t look like them are MENTALLY ILL!!!!

  9. Not really… Not my experience. Where do you hang out…?

  10. And so what some of you Ghanaian black man are no better how much of you married white woman and leave black woman suffer and so none of your problem if the black woman married the white man them at lease some of the white man them class and know how to treat a black woman you black man treat black woman like shit and want six woman one time some of you even married to ten woman dont you think that it is selfish leave the black woman them alone let them be with who they want to be with if they to love white that is what they love and stop these evil talk live and let other live we all human form one god we must love to share whit our one another even if we are black are white no matter what country we from so stop complaining about white man we are not here for long this is our temporary home we just made a stop on our way where we are going.

  11. Please… it’s all true love… in its purest form.

  12. Black men, my brothers when you choose fair skinned ladies our black queens don’t complain but when we leave you for greener pastures you complain and start talking bad, listening so men (white) love our black skin, love our ambition, our strength and love our drive

  13. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.

    The writer’s definition of hot is the obviously the European “standard” – skinny, tall, leggy et al. White people happen to be attracted to that physical “standard”.

    So if in the writer’s skewed and “slave mentality” opinion, those of us with black men are not hot because we don’t meet the European “standard” then so be it.

    My point is there are so many beautiful and hot women dating black men no it’s a rather myopic view that the most of the hot ones he saw were dating white men. Well, to each his own. He has his kind of beautiful and coincidentally that’s what the obroni man likes too.

    Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, height colours etc. Respect that. His definition of hot may be someone’s definition of ‘borla’.

    Such a ridiculous article.

    • I thought I was the only one who felt insulted by the article.

    • Let me start by stating that I am always willing to be wrong. If you follow my writings, you will realize that my articles are satirical and I poke fun at my ideals of beauty and relationships. Most of the time, I am making fun of myself and this article was no different. My apologies if my attempt at a satirical self deprecating articles offended or insulted you. Thanks for your comments

    • To each his own…. but then again some of your statements were hash. Panyin has written some wonderful articles i think u should follow him for more. I just think it was an observation made at one point. Lol

    • Makes it seem like only the ugly ones are dating black men. Weird, could have made his point in way better terms.

    • I can understand why you will see it that way and I appreciate your point of view. My goal was not to assert that Pretty women date foreigners and the ugly ones date black men. This is a personal blog based on my views and perspectives. I probably need to do a better job of stating that point clearly. I know my avid readers understand my thought process and are used to my satire. Again, I did not draw the conclusions you alluded to. I just made an observation as a bachelor looking at my definition of beauty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts NNuong Faalong

    • Nuong Faalong i get u point, thats what makes it fun to read…..whrn it gets to u but is supposed to make u laigh at urself.

    • The wicked and blunt humor of my pieces is what most miss Maame Ekua Adupong .. having referred to my love for skinny women for over a year, this article is basically me making fun of myself based on the fact that all the women I found gorgeous were with foreigners. Anyway, I can’t always expect new readers to understand me right away

  14. Qwesy Elorm says:

    It jux for green card trust me…..

  15. Donn Saynt says:

    My brother them dey pay well…so what do you expect hahahhhaa

  16. O! Many I know are not dating not to talk of dating white men.

  17. Kodzo Helmut says:

    Ohhhh boy, here we go again with gold digger’s stories….. Let me know when its over

  18. White men will marry them and fly them abroad lol, that’s the first and the thought that every white man is rich and showers their women with money but anyway their choice.

  19. It’s the money they shower on the girls that go to make them so beautiful. Remember beauty can be bought so when our guys also learn to shower money the same way, I believe their women will equally look as beautiful or even more. Lol

  20. Ghananian women are beautiful then again beauty lies in e eyes of the beholder. I just think it is where u hang. There exparts in town mostly like to hang in certian places and the ladies who prefer white over our hot chocolates follow them der. There is a misconception of white men treat women better and every white man is rich so they will make u comfortable. But i can tell u for a fact that there are many of us who still prefer our hot black chocolate no matter what these white men have to offer.

  21. Shu Shoo says:

    He should have added what class these women came from as well.

  22. Kwame Twum says:

    I guess we love to tag along with foreigners. Most importantly, it is the false sense of security our gorgeous girls perceive they would derive from these relationships that drives their choice.
    There are a lot of Ghanaian men who can provide more than what these foreigners bring to the table.

  23. My brother I do not know, you are very right.
    You are very very right. But your observation is not far fetched at all. It is true that from ancient times, our ladies – particularly those who are very visible mostly in the night times would always want to date foreigners – particularly low and high class white guys.
    The irony is that oftentimes, when our so-called ‘up market’ ladies come face to face with reality – that is when they want to settle down as custodians of the marital bands and as respectable mothers, during their twilight years, they begin to look out for those they once looked down upon and disrespectfully called ‘mbɔbrɔwa locals’ only to realise that the train of social dignity and relevance took off long before they were awoken from their sleep of fantasy and infamy.
    Oftentimes, the very fleeting and transient flings with the white visitors blind our so-called high class ladies and so they are unable to realise that however inviting, elegant and gorgeous a woman is, she has a very short shelf life.

  24. Not something I’ve noticed but I can see why.

  25. Not a bad observation but I got one question. Was the white man ‘Ghanaian women’ differentiation by colour?
    It could have also been other black dominant nationalities aside “Ghanaian women”. So how did you identify the 12 Ghanaian ladies aside the spicy red looking lady who came to say hi which was in English am sure.

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