The Legend And The Legend In The Making – Yvonne Chaka Chaka Performs With eShun

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“She can sing!” “Oh she can sing!” Yvonne Chaka Chaka iterated again and again during her duet with eShun at the African Legend’s Night 2016.

 How vertiginous this past year has been for the fast-rising singer and songwriter eShun who delivered a stirring performance with the highly respected South African music legend Yvonne Chaka Chaka.

 eShun, one of Ghana’s most powerful and passionate voices, arrived on the music scene last year and continues to maintain a strong presence.


 Before I proceed further, I’d like to state that I am not an entertainment blogger or writer but I do write about people who inspire and move me from time to time. eShun has managed to do just that. Ever since I was introduced to her music a month ago, I have become an avid and spirited fan. I find her music inspiring, her stage presence uplifting and her beauty, a breath of fresh air.

 It was a truly humbling and rich experience!” said the lovely and talented eShun. A very select few up-and-coming artiste are given the honor to share the stage with a music legend. Indeed, many artistes and even some music veterans would be envious of eShun’s performance with Yvonne Chaka Chaka at such an early stage in her music careerLike many of us, Yvonne Chaka Chaka was captivated by eShun’s voice during rehearsals for the show. It takes one accomplished legend to recognize a future legend.

 Yvonne and eShun performed “Natural Woman” on stage. The chemistry, the collaboration, the stage presence and their hand holding was not only intoxicating, one was drawn into the music with them

“She can sing!” “Oh she can sing!” Yvonne declared over and over again during their performance. Are we listening? Did we catch that? Yes! eShun can sing!

I was graced with the opportunity to speak eShun following her amazing evening with the music legend. 

“There was a moment during the performance when I gripped the microphone and said to myself: ‘This can’t be happening! ‘ Am I really here performing a duet with Yvonne?” eShun said. “I thought of all the time and effort I had devoted to making my music. The time and effort devoted into growing and trying to establish myself. And I thought about my parents’ support; my fans, my friends and loved ones who have been there from the very beginning. All the people who believed in my music and in me. This experience was for them. This experience was a testament to all their love and support. I am forever grateful to Global Alliance for affording me this amazing opportunity


 Yvonne at a point took eShun’s hand and led her into the audience. A gesture that denoted exactly what a music legend will do as she passes on the baton to a rising star; a future legend in the making. Every artiste knows there is a moment on stage or in a performance when one senses the music and soul  merging to become one body. In these moments, the artiste takes you right along with them, deeper into the moment indulging you such that there is no place you would rather be. Taking eShun with her into the audience was one such moment.


 In a way, Yvonne was not only giving eShun an experience to remember, she was presenting a talented and rising star to the music world. A star worthy enough to match Yvonne’s powerful music artistry and stage presence. A star powerful enough to share the moment when the music and the artiste become one body.

 So what lies in the horizon for this rising star?

She is in the process of making three videos in fact: FOREVER ft.Ayesem directed by Ralph Menz of AdFocus, DANCE with Daddy ft.Kofi Bentil directed by Lengendary Kofi and YOLO directed by Ivan Quarshigah of FarmHouse Ghana.

Do not miss checking out eShun’s music and projects!

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