Presenting eShun, Ghana’s Best Hope for A Grammy Award

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August 27, 2016
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Every so often, one comes across a musician who provides a soul stirring experience that awakens all your senses. On my recent trip to Ghana, I encountered an experience of this kind when I was introduced to a stunning and very talented artiste.

It is my pleasure to present eShun, Ghana’s Best Hope for a Grammy Award.

I received a video message from a friend with the simple phrase, “you should watch this!!” I did not realize at that time how much this amazing new world of the super talented eShun would change my perception.  My curious meter naturally went into overdrive after watching this video and so with the speed of lightning, I turned to google to learn all I could about this amazing artiste. I did some research, lots of it. The more I delved into her work, the more convinced I became that I was looking at a rare gem who I believe is Ghana’s best shot at a Grammy award.

eShun is an enchanting triple treat. Not only is she a gorgeous and gifted songstress, she also exudes such charm and vibrant energy on stage so much so that it is undoubtedly infectious.

How did the reality show star blossom to an extremely gifted singer? The simple answer lies in her response to a question asked in her interview with Eddy Blay Jnr. with the dailyguideafrica. The question was on what she normally talks about in her music. Her response was:

“In my songs, I make sure I am being real. It shows even in my singing. I talk about my experiences, life and everything we can relate to as human beings. I talk about how proud I am to be an African and I try to inspire others to never give up. I do music for the ears and mind. So, it should inspire you to do and be better after listening to me!”


On the question of where she gets her inspiration, eShun had this to say.

“For me, there are so many things that inspire me to write my songs. Different photos, scenery, quotes and life experiences make me just want to write and write. Life and basically everything I see and hear in my day-to-day errands inspire me. I draw inspiration from God, and I believe I am on a journey to do greater things other artistes haven’t yet been able to do. I am inspired by the fact that I am on a course to make Africa proud. That is an inspiration for me!”

Talk of talent; she has an immeasurable store of it. And there is more. She sings with passion and ease that flows naturally, an ease that causes anyone listening to conclude that eShun was born to sing.


eShun made her entry into the music industry a year and a half ago. After appearances on Nigeria’s Glo X-Factor, TV3 Mentor and MTN Project Fame, she discovered her path and embarked on her solo career. eShun is an engaging singer with an appealing touch with pop ballads.

Her pliable and versatile voice is an excellent vehicle for musical expression. It enables her to churn out music ranging from highlife to urban Afro-Pop as if there is nothing to it.

 For anyone out there who has missed hearing her sing, either in a live performance, on the radio, soundcloud or YouTube, I highly recommend checking her out.

Visit her sound portal @ or

I am firmly on board with Team eShun, Ghana’s hottest musical talent with the best shot at winning a Grammy.

Kwadjo Panyin






Author: Kwadjo Panyin

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