Christabel Ekeh Vs. Zynnel Zuh. Who Is Winning?

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July 14, 2017
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Disclaimer: Your brain will not improve after reading this article because you will learn absolutely nothing.  As always, if you have 5 minutes to spare, be my guest but don’t say I did not warn you. The views expressed here are based on my own observations. For my overly religious brothers and sisters, I have lots of love for you but please, do not read any further.

It’s a glorious time to be a man!

I grew up in the 80’s where women wore undergarments underneath their skirts and dresses. Good luck catching any glimpses of a woman’s panty outline in a dress or a long skirt.

Thongs exist now, leggings and super tight jeans are a thing, say goodbye to bras because silicon pasties are in and women are squatting their way to shapelier tushies.

Twerking is now a thing! The tush has become so powerful that it has its own dance now.  Holy Mackerel! Someone, please turn on the fan, it’s getting freaking hot in here! My eyeballs are definitely having an awesome time.

Christabel Ekeh exist!

I did not care much about Christabel’s nude pictures but damn, she is hot with her clothes on!

Christabel, what’s up with the nudity though? You were doing great teasing the blues out of my jugglers until you decided to go full monty! What the French?!

It’s alright,  get some clothes back on and we will be cool again. We are cool as long as you squat behind closed doors.

For Heaven’s sake, get that fine tush off the freaking grass!

Zynnel Zuh exists!

Man, did you see those dynamites? Damn! I am not going to lie, those were nice! I will now pause and ask all the women who just got pissed off to forgive me. Sorry, I had to put that out there.

Zynnel, how many dudes at that event had a hard time concentrating that night?  Do you know how many wives and girlfriends you may have pissed off that evening? The president was there and you could have caused a national security crisis.

Heck, I would have developed a sudden neck problem and the only remedy would have been to swing my head towards your direction every 3 minutes.

Zynnel’s double lattes have brain-stopping capabilities, I tell you. Forget about the fine food and drinks on the menu that night.

Zynnel was the tastiest delicacy on the menu that evening; period!

Both ladies caused quite a stir so who came out on top?  Zynnel’s double lattes or Christabel’s tush?

Zynnel is sexy as heck but I have to go with Christabel: but without the nudity.  Allow me to explain why I picked Christabel.

Most African men will pick a fine tush over tantalizing double lattes any day. I guess I am no different. Don’t get me wrong, we want both but I have to pick a winner here.

Black men used to be the only ones who adored big tushies but now, the world is changing and that is no longer the case.

The bottoms are rising to the top everywhere. Yes, the tush is definitely having a moment.

The most popular exercises for women these days are squats; go figure! Celebrities who have fine tushies in the industry will no doubt flaunt it to get some attention.

I can’t be mad at Christabel for putting it out there. Hey, the last time I checked, the Almighty placed that fine tush back there.

Truth be told, you cannot look at fine women like Christabel and Zynell’s sexy pictures and not think about sliding. It’s a spontaneous biological response and we have no choice in the matter, really.

When it comes to sex, the tushies are definitely winning because there’s something animalistic and deliciously dirty about mounting from the rear. Women love it and we love it too. The feeling is definitely mutual.

Okay, time to run now. If you are looking for me to curse me out, I will be joining one of those weird cult-like spiritual churches in the village where they dress in white robes and wear funny hats.

Those churches where the pastors offer every type of healing and will cure anything from heartbreaks to malaria to an obsession with Christabel Ekeh’s tush.

I need a cure because Christabel’s tush is unquestionably possessed!

By Kwadjo Panyin


Author: Kwadjo Panyin

Kwadjo Panyin is a Ghanaian born relationship and lifestyle blogger located in Los Angeles, California. He holds three degrees; a Bachelors degree from Rutgers University in New Jersey, an MBA from Franklin University in Ohio and a Masters of Science degree from Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky. Kwadjo is a business professional who blogs for fun. His articles are about the challenges of dating and relationship anomalies. Writing, blogging, world travel, and photography are his favorite hobbies.


  1. A time is coming when they will call for their pictures from all those who hv them for a fee

  2. From all indications Christabel is not well and we pray she gets the help she needs . The other one is just desperate;it is written all over her. Can you blame her ? The kinds of Blac Chyna and the Khardashian gang are making it big time by just being sensational and pushing boundaries. So who knows maybe we have our own Chyna or Amber Rose in the making . We should brace ourselves for more of such though

  3. Bright Laar says:

    They both need the saving grace of Jesus Christ

  4. “The most popular exercises for women these days are squats; go figure!” Nice pun.

  5. My question is why did she take a shit on the grass? And took a pic of it?

  6. Interesting,as a woman I am alway’s curious to hear men speak candidly about such issues.Things have surely changed back home and to me for the worst.CLASS,ELEGANCE,and GRACE is completely lost when it comes to women of today quiet sad.

  7. My take: One of them needs urgent help before it’s too late, the other is just copying fashion wrongly! Trust me if i were a man, i simply will not fall for any woman who shows too much cleavage, beads showing at the back of her waist… etc. Call me primitive!

  8. Hmmmm, they will soon walk in nude

  9. Soon they will walk naked n oh there will be no surprises ….we’ve seen it alllll my only beef will be with the men who will not just feed their eyes and move on but equat this to subtance and be led astray.

  10. George says:

    Hahaha fantastic piece, first time of reading anything from you, Good will be on the lookout for u often, The tush is now a whiteman thing too!!

  11. Frustration… sooo eager for fame….

  12. Sakyi Saint says:

    Frustration is killing dem. They need men as their prime passes

  13. They allve psychological problems, sista Afia too

  14. Winning in what in showing breast

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